Pokies cause harm. Sign the letter. Get poker machines out of Tasmania's pubs and clubs

Pokies cause harm: Get the facts

Pokies cause harm to our communities in many ways. For a comprehensive look at the harms caused by poker machines in Tasmania, you can read Anglicare Tasmania's 2016 submission to the Joint Select Committee on Future Gaming Markets here: Programmed to addict: why poker machines should be removed from our communities

Pokies cause harm: The Facts

  • The latest independent economic research found that the removal of gaming machines from pubs and clubs in Tasmania could direct more than $113 million to other areas of the state's economy;
  • More than 80% of Tasmanians surveyed think that having poker machines in hotels and clubs does not benefit the community;
  • In Tasmania, taxation income from poker machines contributes less than 1% of State Government revenue;
  • Research shows that 90% of people who are experiencing harm from gambling have not yet sought help;
  • If money spent on pokies in pubs and clubs was spent elsewhere in the Tasmanian economy it would create 670 more jobs and increase gross output by $91 million per year;
  • One third of Tasmanians know someone who has been harmed by poker machines;
  • For every Tasmanian harmed by poker machine gambling, another 5-10 family, friends and colleagues are affected.